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Alphabet Animals

A for the Animals drawn in this book.

Please take just a moment and have a wee look.

B for the Bear you might find in our zoos

and C is for Cow who just eats and then moos.

Have you ever seen a Deer pulling a plow?


or a big Elephant kneel down and bow?


or the little green Froggy who sits on a fern?


Graduation you get when you bother to learn.


H is for Horsie who runs fast and then jumps.


When small Insects bite you, you come up in lumps.


J is for Jaguar whose sharp teeth go chop.


K for the Kangaroo going hoppity hop.


L for the Lion who let out a roar when the


little Mouse pulled a big thorn from his paw.


N is for Numbat who loves bread and jam


O for the Otter who'd rather eat clam.


P for the Pig who goes oink and not bark


and Q for the Question that goes with this mark.


R is the Rabbit that people call bunny


and S for the Squirell who eats nuts and honey.


T for the Tiger who hunts other creatures.


A horn is just one of the Unicorn's features.


V is for Vixen, a nice lady fox


here's Willy the Wombat who lives in a box.

X, Animals crossing so please take more care.

A Yak is a cow thing with long shaggy hair.

Z for the Zebra with stripes white and black

and nice little birds like to sit on it's back.

© Robin A. Cartledge 2001








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