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Q1. The first Australian capital with a direct telegraphic link to London was?
A) Sydney
B) Hobart
C) Adelaide
D) Perth

Q2. The Australian Crawl is?
A) A snake
B) A subservient Greeting
C) A swimming Stroke
D) A tractor Race

Q3. Coober Pedy is located in which state or territory?
A) New South Wales
B) Western Australia
C) Northern Territory
D) South Australia

Q4. The Australian Drongo is?
A) A Bird
B) A fruit
C) A shallow punt
D) A silly person

Q5. The first Australian to win Olympic gold medals was?
A) Lorraine Crapp
B) Dawn Fraser
C) Edwin H Flack
D) John Landy

Q6. Sir George Gipps was?
A) The inventor of the diving bell
B) The 17th Governor of NSW
C) Australia's Governor General
D) Leader of the BGs

Q7. Jon Hendricks was?
A) An explorer
B) A famous guitarist
C) Captain Cook's cabin boy
D) An Australian champion swimmer

Q8. The Hula is?
A) A garland of flowers
B) A New Zealand bird
C) A New Guinea native
D) A crested lizard

Q9. A Jabiru is?
A) A spear
B) A shield
C) A bird
D) A type of boomerang

Q10. A Prickly Pear is?
A) An antique double pin-cushion
B) A tropical fruit
C) An Anteater
D) A species of Cactus


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