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Grandpa Pencil
shows you how to make a kid's
Soft Toy Bag
Laundry Bag

Ideal for your child's bedroom, your next fete or market day, this Toy/Laundry Bag is an absolute breeze to make.

Aside from a good quality coat hanger, a garment from the op-shop, a needle and some stout thread the main ingredients for this project are flair and imagination.
The garment that you choose will depend upon the person that the bag is being made for but should, ideally, have a button down or zip front.
A pretty little party dress or fairy dress for the young ladies, perhaps, and maybe the jacket of a little tux or track suit for the young men.
Take your time to go right through your op-shop and I'm certain that something there will just jump out at you.

How to do it
  • You can leave your coat hanger in its original state, paint it or cover it with a padded fabric. It will need to be a good quality hanger, though.
  • A short sleeved or sleeveless garment is preferable as you don't want to be losing things down the sleeves. If you do choose a garment with sleeves you can sew up their tops, inside, to save a fortune in sox.The bottom of the garment has to be sewn closed to form the bottom of the 'bag' and this can be done by machine or by hand.
  • You will need a good strong thread, preferably in a contrasting colour to your garment.


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