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Great tips to help your customers make a
Successful Fete

Quite obviously the number and style of attractions that you provide at your fete will depend upon

  • The space available whether the fete is indoors, outdoors or both and
  • How many volunteers you can mus

Not a lot can be done about your available space but I believe that the more fun you build into your event the more help you will get. and the better your results will be in the cash tin.

I have made a few suggestions, below, that will get your mind going and I am certain that they will lead you on to some of the most exciting planning meetings.

Local custom and prevailing attitudes will play a large part in your selection as, if your local population lives on par boiled frogs legs, you may have a bit of trouble selling them a slightly burned barbecued sausage sandwich.
Likewise, you will have a deal of trouble organising a water bomb fight if you are up to your ears in snow.

Morning Tea All Day Because your volunteers will be working so hard, and laughing so hard, you will need refreshments for them.
'In for a penny, in for a pound', is the old expression I believe and that's where we are going here.
One of your major objectives is to keep your customers around as long as possible so you will want both toilet facilities, refreshments and hopefully a chair to ease their burden.
But wait, there's more. A cup of tea or coffee with a couple of biscuits or scones and jam is a low cost, high profit product and, after all, isn't that why are we doing this?
'Barbie' Sandwiches Colour, movement, sound and texture are all terribly important elements in the creation of the mood of your fete. No less important, however, is smell.
When it is coming up to lunch time, fire up the barbie and start on your onions, sausages and meat.
It will then be too late for all of those customers who were going to rush off home for lunch.
Hook them for lunch and you should avoid that embarrassing void through the middle of the day.
Oh yes, I nearly forgot. If you really put the pressure on your local butcher and hot bread shop it's money in the bank.
Teddy Bear's Picnic So everyone and their dog has a teddy bear's picnic. I knew that, but how many people do it correctly?
If you wish to go down to the woods today just click here for the real deal.
Buskers, clowns & personalities Check with your local entertainers and personalities to find those suitable that will give your fete some time for free to entertain and add some colour.
You could use clowns, buskers or those balloon bending people. Free!
Valuers The owners of your local antique & collectibles stores or doll's hospital should jump at the chance to set up a stall at your fete to offer valuations and advice.
The fete could pick up a gold coin donation for the service while the shop owners get the opportunity to buy and promote their store.
Dress Up Competition Pick a theme for your fete, this could be 'super heroes', 'film & television', 'colonial days' or 'monsters'.
Give a prize for the best outfit in kids, teens and adults.
Not only will this approach keep people around longer but will greatly colour your fete.
Harley Rides & Pony Rides I'm sorry that I don't know where you live or where your fete is going to be held (though I hope you email me and let me know) so I am not exactly sure what you can do in this area.
Hay rides, horse rides or motor cycle rides are great if you have access to the equipment and responsible drivers. Don't be shy about asking your local Motor Cycle crowd if needed, you may be surprised.
Thong Chucking Now don't be like that. In Australia a thong is a kind of rubbery, flip-floppy sandal thingy.
This could be chuck the pumpkin, pig, fish, water filled balloon or just about anything you can think of.
The winner of each heat is the one who throws the whatever the furthest in that heat.
Run heats through the day, for a gold coin donation and have a set time, near the end of the day, for the Grand Final. That should keep the bunnies there.
Face Painting If you have some really creative volunteers, face painting is not only a good little money spinner but it can keep restless 'littlies' amused and add greatly to your fete's atmosphere
Promotional Characters Your local radio station, TV station, newspaper or pizza place along with a number of other business houses will have popular characters that can visit your fete. Your main task here is to get them free.
Phunny Photos If one of your volunteers has a digital camera, laptop and printer that can be set up at your fete, you can do quite nicely with instant photos.
If you run a teddy bear's picnic, a theme dress-up fete or some promotional characters you are all set for profit. Don't forget that the paper needs to be paid for.
Balloons Scrounge around your local car dealerships or media organisations and get one or more of them to donate a load of promotional balloons, clips and strings and any other promotional material you can acquire like sun hats and stuff.
Not only will blowing the balloons up and handing them out keep your younger volunteers busy all day but they do add colour also.







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