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How to set up a
Successful Fete

Think back through the fetes, fairs and markets that you can remember and consider the atmosphere of each and its effect on your enjoyment and spending. (Its OK, I am typing slowly for you, so take your time).
Do you recall the ones that you grumbled most about, where the air was thick with sounds and smells and the jostling crowd was shoulder to shoulder?
They were the ones that pumped you the most making you stay a little longer and spend a little more than you intended.
Like drinking a bucket of red cordial the atmosphere was a mind altering substance.
Now consider those events where there was so much space that you needed a cut lunch to venture from stall to stall and there was ample space for people to wander and browse without ever coming close to each other.
You remember that one, surely. The one where you could actually hear the cocktail pianist clear across the venue even though she didn't use a PA system and you left with your wallet intact and vowed to paint the barn next time it was on.
We want the successful model.
Laying out your space
I operated a market many years ago in a large shed on the grounds of a fully set-up agricultural society show ground.
As soon as I had all the 'stall' bookings each week I put in false barriers to restrict the area to a size where all of the stalls could operate efficiently, but not too far away from each other, and the crowds would be a little squeezed as they browsed.
When you set up, then, try to achieve this effect while remembering that some of the stalls will need a little more space behind them than others to keep stock in.
This closeness also aids volunteers with security and covering when someone has to duck off.
Morning Tea 'room'
This area, unlike your main selling area can be as spacious and quiet as you like. You want it to be as relaxed and refreshing as possible so that your customers can get back to some serious shopping when they are done.
Where possible its exit should lead straight back into the thick of the sale.






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