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Collecting for your fete
Click above for some great tips on collecting stock for your fete.

Clean baby's and children's wear
Donations of good clean kid's wear from your community will not only turn you a nice profit but will be of great help to many not so well off parents. Make sure that they are sound and price them to move.

Jar Bar
Here is a fun project for your members and supporters. Ask them to fill a jar with some non food items and make a fancy label for it.
Contents might be an assortment of nails, screws, thread, buttons, broken watches, gum nuts or whatever your supporters' can dream of.

Books and magazines
I can't recall a book sale that didn't work well when realistically priced.
Remember that your books will be free and you can't spend any that are left over.
A large collection of books for sale make for good publicity as well as profit.

Dolls, bears and toys
I once acquired a broken cedar balloon back chair and didn't believe that any repairs I could make would do it justice. I taped it together and took it the the auction.
I watched people at the pre auction inspection and was pleased at how many people wanted it 'for its potential'.
Many dolls and toys that are not in perfect condition still have a value for restoration.

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