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I can recall, once, becoming most impatient at a general meeting of an organisation that was planning a function when a thirty minute discussion about 'The number of slices in a loaf of sliced bread?' took over from much more important business.
Whilst the subject matter of the discussion was important to the planning process, it really should have occurred at a relevant committee level.

Organising your organisation

General agreement
The general structure, aims, size and time of your fete should be established by a general meeting of all of your interested members.
Those being called on to help should really feel that they are a part of the whole event.
This meeting looks at the 'Big Picture' and I believe that the more input there is at this stage, the more likely you are to consider all of your available options.

Setting a date
Do your homework. There is nothing worse, or more costly, than to have everything done in readiness for your fete when you remember that the fete falls on the same day as the biggest sporting event in the country or when there are another 50 fetes operating in your neighbourhood.

At your general meeting you will need to select between one and three of your number with the skills and focus to act as overall co-ordinators to keep your plans on course. Please don't choose too many as this will bog your efforts down.
While people may wish to be involved in more than one committee, each committee should be a separate entity reporting only to the selected co-ordinators.
Your co-ordinators, within established limits, should be responsible for the overall budget while your committees should cover, at least;

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Food purchase, preparation and sale
  • Canvassing for the collection of used goods, sorting, preparing and storing them
  • Contests, competitions, amusements and entertainment
  • Fete site set-up
  • Rostering of volunteers for the day and organising transport for your volunteers when and if required
  • Pricing

Note 1: Time permitting, your co-ordinators and your committees should report to a general meeting prior to the finalisation of arrangements to ensure that nothing has been missed or duplicated

Note 2: Don't forget here that you will need competent people on the day for cash handling including allocating floats, giving change, maintaining minimum amounts of cash at each stall through the day and doing the final tally. Many volunteers love to know, before they leave for the day, how successful they have been.





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