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When you think about it, the perfect place to source good, used stock for your fete is in your local community. This is because of the common thread that binds the area.
Each additional time something is used after its initial purchase is a great bonus to our planet and this recycling approach is a good promotional tool.

Pre loved books
Many years ago I wanted to fully stock a Second Hand Book Shop, on a budget.
I contacted a local youth group and arranged for them to do a community collection for me for a flat payment per book.
A suitable area was selected and leaflets printed that were delivered to each household in the chosen area.
The leaflet asked that unwanted books be left at the front door on a specific day, for collection.
Even I was surprised at the result because not only did I achieve my stock target but the depth of the range of books collected as well as their commercial desirability surpassed even my expectations.
Collecting for your fete
The book shop model, discussed previously, should work perfectly for any organisation with the ability to round up a good team of people willing to deliver the leaflets and follow up with the collection.
Don't forget that a small barbeque at the end of the collection will do heaps for the morale of your troops.

The leaflet
With as few words as possible the leaflet should state what is required (specify goods required), why (your fete including some details including its date), when (when the goods will be picked up), who (your organisation) and where (where the goods are to be left as 'front door' or 'front gate').
Not only will a well written leaflet get you the goods that you need but will act as the initial promotion for your fete.

What to collect
This will be determined by the style of fete that you have planned but could consist of any or all of: Books, dolls, toys, children's wear, knick-knacks and sporting goods. I would stay away from food and electrical items here for safety reasons.

Note 1: When sorting through the collected books, dolls and knick-knacks you will find some items that you may feel have a value inconsistent with the price range of your fete goods.
Where possible have these items valued by local experts and sell through them if the price is right.

Note 2: In the event that a large number of books are collected be sure to place classified adverts in your local and regional newspapers as the second hand book dealers and book collectors will descend upon your fete like famished vultures.






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