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How to get your local business community to help create a
Successful Fete

There is a general view, and it is reasonably correct, that our small business' are constantly bombarded by requests for 'free stuff' by charities and fund raisers.
This view has the potential to negatively influence your ability to get the results that you require.
Never forget You have an obligation to your organisation to do the best you can in your fund raising efforts and to your local business community to offer it the chance to participate.
Your local business people have an obligation to their business' and their community to decide if, and if so how, they can participate.
Needing to ensure their financial viability, of course, small business can often find that participation in community fund raising represents a sound, low cost promotional option.
Remembering that the approach process is a two way street and that rejection, in the main, is not personal you will be better equipped to tap this important resource.
Tailor your approach and request to a specific need but remain open to any valuable alternatives that may be offered.
You may find yourself with something far better than what you requested.
There will be items that simply must be purchased such as printing, food and beverages, hire equipment, office supplies & stationery and many other things.
Discounting down to 'cost neutral' is possible for even those small business' that are having a bit of a battle and can be a positive to the business if your fete acknowledges the fact to members, supporters and customers.
Restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues
Take a look around your region and target one or more of these types of business' for any prizes or auction products that you may desire.
Obviously such offerings as 'a meal for two', 'a night for two with breakfast' or 'passes to a local attraction' are not without some cost to these business'
Unlike retail business, however, the the major costs for these types of operations are created at 'the opening of the doors'.
Prizes and auction material
If you are running some little contests and competitions, and I hope that you are, prizes can be sourced from your local retailers in the form of goods or vouchers.
Generally these prizes need not be big and expensive unless you are running a raffle.
Another great little money spinner is the auction.
Timed for early afternoon, the auction can also help keep many of your customers hanging around a fair bit longer.
Promotional material
New vehicle dealerships, media organisations, banks, insurance providers, some retailers and many other business' in your region have advertising and promotional material such as pens, sun hats, money boxes etc.
Add some sweets with what you can extract from these people, pop them into a carry bag and you have a rather saleable little product.

Another great Grandpa Pencil 'everyone wins' idea.





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