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The Easter Festival

The Beginning

Beginning in about the 4th century AD, Easter commemorates the Death and rebirth of Jesus.
It is in many parts considered to be the reshaping of old pagan rituals celebrating the coming of Spring and the 'rebirth' following the 'death' of Winter.
This is why we use such symbols as 'The Easter Bunny', a prolific breeder and the 'Easter Egg' , a symbol of new life.
This is not to suggest, by the way, that the stories of the life of Jesus are false but shows the importance, in the early days of the Church, of utilising familiar festivals to more successfully spread the Word of Jesus.

The Passion Play

A Passion Play is a play showing the sufferings and death of Jesus and one is presented every ten years at Oberammergau, Germany. The form originated in 1633.
The Passion plays were dramas produced throughout Western Europe with their origin in brief liturgical plays written in Latin by the priesthood for Christmas and Easter
Passion plays have survived into modern times in Bavaria, Switzland and The Tyrol.
Miracle or mystery plays covered Sacred history from the creation through man's fall and salvation to the story of Christ.

The Passion Flower

Discovering the plant in the Americas early Spanish explorers thought parts of the flower represented the implements of the Crucifixion and named it the Passion Flower.
They saw the petals and the sepals as representing the Apostles, the showy fringe of the crown inside the petals as the Crown of Thorns, the five stamens as the wounds and the three stiles of the pistil as the nails of the cross.

The Cross

The cross is the supreme symbol of the Christian Faith because it represents the depths of suffering Jesus was prepared to embrace in order save mankind by inaugurating God's Kingdom on earth.
Crucifixion was the normal method of execution for those not possessing Roman citizenship.
In the third year of his ministry Jesus was crucified on on a Cross at Mount Calvary in A.D. 29 or 30.








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