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Grandpa Pencil shows you how to make an
Inexpensive Christmas Gift

Print, colour and make your own
Christmas Gift Certificate for someone you love

When Christmas comes around I never seem to have enough in my piggy bank to get gifts for the people that I really care for.
I worried about this for ages until I finally realised that, often, the very best gift is to care, be thoughtful and give of yourself.
Throughout the year the people we love will give us clues as to what they want, like when they say, "I do wish you wouldn't leave you smelly socks all around the house".
In this case your gift could be a promise to not leave them all around the house for a whole year.
Now that is a real gift.

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Click on the image (left) and print the page. To return to this page simply close the window you are in.

Who is it from?
Write your name on the first dotted line remembering that by giving this Certificate you are making a promise.

Who is it for?
On the second dotted line write the name of the person you are giving the Gift Certificate to.

What are you going to give with the Certificate?
Consider what the person that you are giving the Certificate to would most like to receive.
The person may like you to;

  • Keep your room tidier
  • Study harder and try to get better marks
  • Put out the garbage without being asked
  • Walk the dog

or any one of a thousand things.
Your Gift Certificate should state what you are prepared to do, how often and for how long.

How to present your Certificate
When you have finished filling out your Certificate you can either roll it and tie it with a nice ribbon and bow or make one of our colourful Serviette Holders to hold your neatly rolled up Gift.


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