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Grandpa Pencil
finds some really
Weird Home Remedies

that should definitely not be tried at home


An Ointment for all kinds of Aches

This old Welsh cure calls for gander's fat, the fat of a male cat, red boar's fat, three drams of blue wax, watercress, wormwood, the red strawberry plant and primrose.

Boil the ingredients in pure spring water and, when boiled, stuff a gander with them and roast at a distance from the fire.

The grease coming from it should be carefully kept in a pot.

It is a valuable ointment for all kinds of aches in a man's body and is like one that was formerly made by Hippocrates and is proved though not by Grandpa Pencil.

A cure for Malaria ?

The Housekeeper's Pocketbook, 1750 recommends that you take a live spider and cover it with soft crummy bread without bruising it (the spider).

Let the patient swallow it fasting as it is an effective cure, though many are against it.

It has frequently been given to people who did not know the contents and has had the desired effect.

Texans find some cures for the Pain of Colic

Close the windows and doors of the baby's room and have someone smoke and keep smoking a pipe or cigar
Give the baby mare's milk in small doses
Give the baby one teaspoon of water that has passed through a chimney ash or soot filter before each feeding
Give a great quantity of Chicken Broth, a gallon or more.

Relief of

The negroes, at the south, consider a cockroach cut in two and applied to the ear the most certain cure.

A Canadian cure for a bad Cold

Place your hat on the table and drink well from a large bottle of whisky until you see two hats.
Get into bed and stay there.
Warning: The resultant hangover could well be worse than the actual cold.

A cure for the excess drinking of Wine

U.S. Practical receipt Book ,1844 suggests that you put into a sufficient quantity of wine three of four large eels.
Leave them until they are quite dead.
Give the wine to the person that you wish to reform.
He or she will be so disgusted with the wine that, even though they might have formerly abused it, they will now have an aversion to it.


Some great Texan remedies for Asthma

Get a hairless Mexican Chihuahua and keep it nearby (It must be your own dog)
The Asthma will go from you to the dog
Sleep in sandpits containing small amounts of Uranium while wearing Muskrat skin over your lungs with the fur side in
String a line of crickets on a silk string and wear them crickets around your neck.
Well done Mr. Bush

A cure for Boils on Man or Beast

Take a field toad which, during harvest, has been put upon a stick and placed in a position toward the rising sun to be dried.
Of such a toad, take off the corresponding limb of that part which the patient suffers, be it man or beast, and tie it to the ailing limb.
I find it very difficult to understand why our forebears had such a terribly short life span.

A number of ways to cure the Croup

Drawn from 'A number of receipts for curing man and beast - 1855'.
Take the white of chicken dung and soak it in soft water.
Strain and dissolve in loaf sugar.
Take one teaspoonful as often as required.
It will evacuate the stomach and bowels
You could try the old Dutch remedy from 'Dr. Chase's Recipes - 1867'
Blend goose oil and urine in equal amounts.
Take from one teaspoon to one tablespoon of the mixture, according to the age of the child.
Repeat the dose each fifteen minutes if, after the first dose, the patient doesn't vomit in that time.
Most unlikely I would have thought.

Some amazing Texan Cold remedies

Apply fresh cow dung to your chest in the form of a cross
Wear the skin of a white Weasel around your neck
Rub the bottom of your feet with Tallow and Turpentine and then hold your feet against an old wood stove
Rub your chest with Goose Grease and Kerosene
To cure a Head Cold, catch leaves in your hand that fall from trees in the Autumn
Take dried frog skins and make a powder of them. Mix with fruit juice and drink.

I think I heard these weird cures for Bad Hearing

Take oil with which the bells of churches are greased and smear it behind the afflicted ears.
Relief will not fail to come at once.


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