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What A Wonderful Creature

Because it takes up the flavours of the things it is cooked with, the zucchini can often be used as a filler for more expensive veggies.

The price of tomatoes, for instance, can often reach insane levels of late (and I love my tomato.)

When you want fried tomato, onion and, say, garlic you can bulk the dish up by adding chunky sliced zucchini.

Don't wait for the prices of other things to go up, though, because it is a wonderful dish anyway.

Oh yes: Don't forget to add a little (or a lot) of basil to the fried tomato.

Great Baked Zucchini

Cut the ends off your zucchinis

Slice lengthwise

Cut criss-cross scores on the top (white) side

Spread with butter or margarine

Place in a shallow baking tray

Sprinkle with Parmesan or grated cheese

Bake at 180c for around 15 minutes before checking texture

Continue until suitable texture achieved

Cooking Zucchinis

As well as the style to the left your zucchini may be boiled or steamed whole, halved lengthwise or sliced into chunks.

To Steam

Cut off head and tail

Cut in any of the above styles

Put water into the bottom pan of your steamer

Put the zucchini into the top pan and put lid on

Cook for about 2 minutes then apply the fork test

Continue to cook, and test and remove from heat when you have achieved your preferred texture

To boil

Follow the instructions for steaming but with the zucchini directly in the water


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