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Cooking Silverbeet

Wash the silverbeet and, starting at the thick end of the stalk, strip the leaves away

To Steam

    Place water in the botton pan

    Place silverbeet in the top pan and put the lid on

    Boil water for 4 or 5 minutes taking a little taste test from time to time

    Taste is a personal thing so as soon as you have achieved your desired texture remove from heat

    To Boil

    Place prepared silverbeet into water

    Boil for 4 to 5 minutes or until you have achieved your desired texture

    Drain well


Yummy ways with Silverbeet

Silverbeet can be steamed, boiled or the stalks can be used in a stir fry (treat as your other stir fry veggies.)

If cooking the stalk as well as the leaves add the stalks earlier than the leaves.

Pop your cooked silverbeet into a dessert bowl and top with butter, salt and pepper to taste as a delightful snack

For an even greater taste sensation fork it from the bowl onto fresh white bread with lashings of butter


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