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Although there are many varieties of potato on the market the new cook should concentrate initially on whether they need a New potato or an Old potato.

New Potato
The New potatoes are picked before they are fully mature and are generally firm and waxy.

They are good for boiling, salad, creaming and scalloping.

Old Potato
Mature or Old potatoes have a firm, thicker skin and a light, dry, mealy texture.

They store well and are good for baking, boiling, mashing or fried as chips

Storing Potatoes
Use any damaged potatoes that you buy first as they will not keep well.

Store in a dry, dark, cool place with good ventilation.

Old potatoes should keep for several months while new, unblemished potatoes should keep for a number of weeks.

Any light will cause the potato to turn green and become unusable.

Cooking and Serving
The only thing that determines the number of cooking and serving methods for the humble potato is our imagination so I will only be showing the basics here.

Generally one medium potato is required per diner.

Mashed Potato

Select one medium sized Old potato per person

Peel with a potato peeler

Cut into smaller chunks

Place into a saucepan and cover with water

Add salt and pepper to taste

Boil with saucepan lid on until tender

Test tenderness by poking with a knife.

When the potato slides off the blade or breaks up it is ready

Drain off the water and add dollops of butter or margarine while bringing to a thickish mash with a potato masher

When mashed slowly add milk until you achieve the desired texture

Some delightful variations

Add finely chopped raw onion to the creamy potato for a real taste treat or

Mix in dried Parmeson cheese to taste or

Mix steamed tender peas into the mashed potato before serving

Baked Potato

One medium Old potato per serving

Peel and quarter, long ways

Rub with oil or fat

Sprinkle with salt

Bake low in the oven at around 200c until tender

Check with a fork at around 30 minutes to get a feel for your cooking time

Great with that Roast Joint or Bird

If roasting in an open tray with no foil your potatoes and pumpkin take on an added flavour if added to that tray

You are trying to achieve a soft, smooth interior with a golden crisp exterior

Don't forget to serve with lashings of rich gravy

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