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Which Peas to Buy

Call me lazy if you will but I always buy and use frozen peas.

As a general rule frozen peas are picked and frozen at the peak of the season with the result that price is not so greatly affected by the seasons.

By trying different brands you will soon find one that is both good to the taste and consistent in quality.

For some special uses you can select delicious frozen baby peas.

Testing while Cooking

As you are cooking your peas take one out with a teaspoon from time to time and taste it. When you have achieved your desired taste and tenderness remove from the heat and drain.

Some Yummy Alternatives

You can add freshly chopped mint to your saucepan if boiling and/or you can heat some butter in a frying pan adding salt and pepper to taste and warm the drained peas through before serving.

Cooking Peas

Peas can be either steamed or boiled though steaming will generally retain a little more goodness.

To Steam

Place water in the bottom pan of a two pan steamer

Put top pan on and add the frozen peas and the saucepan lid

Boil water for 5 to 8 minutes, depending upon the quantity being cooked, checking from time to time for tenderness

To Boil

Place water in a lidded saucepan

Add required quantity of peas

Add salt and pepper to taste

Boil for 5 to 8 minutes checking from time to time for tenderness

In Chinese cuisine, the tender new growth [leaves and stem] are commonly used in stir-fries.

Much like picking the leaves for tea, the farmers pick the tips off of the pea plant.

In Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus, and other parts of the Mediterranean, peas are made into a stew with lamb and potatoes.

In Hungary and Serbia, pea soup is often served with dumplings and spiced with hot paprika.

In the United Kingdom, dried, rehydrated and mashed marrowfat peas, known by the public as mushy peas, are popular.


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