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Grandpa Pencil
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Weird Home Remedies

that should definitely not be tried at home


To remove films from the Eyes

The Compleat Vermin Killer and Useful Pocket Companion, Dublin, 1778 suggests that you take the powder of pearls and the powder of coral, one ounce of each, one dram of crab's eyes, two ounces of virgin honey and let them be mixed together as an ointment.
Apply to the eyes morning and evening as often as it takes.
A good Eye Specialist may be a little less expensive.

A sure cure for ingrown Toenails

Tie a lizard's liver to a leather string around the left ankle.
The ingrown toenail should disappear in nine days say the Texans
Along with all of your friends as well I would think.

For the Megrime in the head

Take goat's dung and mix it with vinegar of squils and anoint the head and temple therewith
Beat together frankincense, myrrh and an egg and apply it to the head and temples suggests A Book of Simples c 1750

Some scary cures for Fevers

A North Carolina folk remedy would have us catch a grand daddy spider, pull its legs off and swallow it whole and alive,
And a remedy for the fever by the use of which an old lady of nobility has aided many people.
This matron of noble family cut the ear of a cat, let three drops of blood fall in some brandy, added a pepper thereto and gave it to the patient to drink according to Albertus Magnus

Felon or Run-round Finger

Felon, it appears, is a painful abscess found under or near the nail.
A Number Of Cures For Man Or Beast, 1855 asks us to get a toad, split it open and put it on the finger.
It will soon begin to stink.
Do not take it off until you have another to apply.
It will remove the pain and inflammation in a short time.

Mother Nature's own cure for Gout

Take an owl, pull her feathers off and pull out her guts.
Salt her well then put her into a pot, stop it close and put her into an oven so that she may be brought into a mummy.
Beat into a powder and mix with boar's grease.
It is an excellent remedy for gout, anointing the aggrieved place by the fire.

An excellent infusion for Mists and Clouds of the head, vertigo, dizziness and headaches

Take four ounces of dry peacock dung (the white part), one ounce of live, bruised millipedes and a pint and a half each of black cherry water and white wine.

Let them stand cold for twenty-four hours before straining it through a flannel bag.

Add three ounces of Langius's antepileptic water, a dram and a half of spirits of lavender compound, three drops of oil of nutmeg and six ounces of syrup of peony compound. Mix and give the patient a pint each morning and night.

A method of facilitating healthy sleep

Procure two rabbit ears, minus the rabbit.
Place them under the pillow of the person who cannot sleep without their knowledge

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