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Learn the basics of building models from drinking straws using pipe cleaners for connectors.

Grandpa Pencil makes some

Egghead Party Place Cards

Amuse your friends with this Egghead Party Place Card with growing hair.

Build a Flying Saucer (Frisbee)

from pretty paper party plates

Scrunch Cricket

Another great game from Grandpa Pencil made from scrunched up newspaper and cardboard boxes

Scrunch Ball

Grandpa Pencil makes Five great games with
Scrunched up Newspaper Balls

Amaze your friends by building
Big Scary Monster's Fabulous Time Machine
Grandpa Pencil shows you how to make
A Letter Holder
for your fridge from pretty paper party plates
Build a Kite/Glider from Drinking Straws and Plastic Shopping Bags

A simple project from straws, pipe cleaners and other easy stuff.

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