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Grandpa Pencil
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Fluffy Doorstop



Are you sick of the door slamming every time a wind comes up?

Are you sick of stubbing your toe on your current doorstop ?

This project is definitely for you then.

One thing that Grandpa Pencil loves is 'easy' and this project is really easy.

The fluffy Doorstops are ideal for any household with a sense of fun and creativity and would make a great personal gift as well as being a high profit item for your next fete.

The critters can be cheaply sourced at your local Op-Shop (Thrift Store) and there should be a wide selection allowing you to choose just the right one for yourself or for a gift as well as giving you a good assortment for your fete.


How to make them


The weight in your doorstop can be a rock, small stones or sand and whichever you choose is inserted in the bottom of your critter.

Cut a slit across the bottom of the animal and compress the stuffing up toward the head until you have enough space for your weight.

Insert the rock or stones directly into the animal (if using sand place a plastic bag in the cut, put your sand in and tie off he bag)

When filled sew up the slit tightly so that the weight does not fall out. To protect the slit and stop the doorstop slipping on the carpet, sew a strip of Velcro over the slit.


Ideally the animals should be able to sit like my sheep, above.


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